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Social Sharing

Sana Commerce uses AddThis, the world's largest content sharing and social insights platform, which allows webshop users to share a product with friends using social networks. AddThis supports all major sharing buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

Social sharing can be enabled or disabled in the general settings of the Sana Commerce backoffice:

Social Sharing

This table provides description of the fields:

Field Description
Enable social sharing

Use this check box to enable or disable social sharing. Social sharing control is shown in the webshop on the product details pages, under the product image by default:

In the default AddThis HTML the following buttons are available:

  • Facebook Like button
  • Twitter Tweet button
  • Share
Configure AddThis ID Your AddThis ID. This ID is required if you want AddThis to gather statistics and track analytics for your webshop.
Configure custom HTML Use this field for custom AddThis HTML to add any sharing and social buttons.
You can just copy the code from the AddThis web site, and in the code, change the position of the social sharing control on the product details page.

If AddThis is enabled and the custom HTML is empty, then the default AddThis HTML will be used.

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