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Sana Commerce 8.2
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Order Confirmation

Sana Commerce uses customer's shop account e-mail address to send order confirmation.

In case of a B2B scenario when a sales agent represents a customer, order confirmation can be sent to the sales agent as well as to the represented customer or it can be sent only to the sales agent.

To send order confirmation to both, sales agent and represented customer, you should enable the 'Order confirmation' option in the Sana Commerce backoffice checkout settings.

For order confirmation e-mails Sana Commerce uses the 'Order Confirmation' e-mail template, which can be edited in the Sana Commerce backoffice -> Content -> E-mail templates.

Order confirmation is sent to a customer when the order is processed and its status is set to 'Paid'.

If a customer pays via Bank transfer payment method the order confirmation is sent to a customer when the order status is set to 'In progress'.

This is because the payment process of the Bank transfer payment method differs. In the Bank transfer payment method, purchasers take the initiative. They send their bank an order to transfer an amount from their account to the account of the seller. Docdata receives customer's payment and transfers it through to the merchant.
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