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Payment Methods

The payment methods and payment costs can be configured to set the correct payment methods for the webshop.

The following steps should be performed to configure the payment methods:

Step 1: In the 'Settings -> Payment methods' option choose the payment method to configure or click the 'New' button to create a new payment method.

System payment methods can be added only through a database manually. It is not possible to edit system payment methods in the backoffice.
An example of this is the zero-order payment method. This payment method is selected automatically when the total cost of an order equals to zero.

The settings which can be configured in the 'Payment methods' option are described in the table below:

Option Description
Name The name of the payment method.
Enabled After the 'Payment method' check box is activated, the customer will see the configured payment method in the payment method list of the webshop.
PSP code Allows the use of external parameters for sending and receiving the payment provider specific data. For more information please read your PSP documentation.
PSP profile name Each payment method must be configured under a separate profile. For more information about PSP profile, please read the 'Configure a Test DocData Payment Module' chapter.
Payment module id Maps to the payment module in 'web.config' which implements the payment method. You can read about the payment modules in this chapter.
Sorting No. The order in which the payment methods will be displayed in the webshop.
Default payment method After the 'Default payment method' check box is activated, this payment method will be selected in the webshop by default.

Step 2: Select the image icon for each payment method.

Step 3: Move the invoice countries (the countries based on the billing address) from the left to the right panel to link them to the payment method.

Step 4: Configure the payment costs per currency:

Payment Costs Configuration

Depending on your provider choose the chapter below to read more about payment costs.

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