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Catalog Filter

Use Catalog Filter if you want to show only some groups of items from Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Sana webshop, based on the filter criteria.

For example, if you have multiple webshops and you want to show only products assigned to some item classes in each webshop, you can set up catalog filter for each webshop.

To configure catalog filter for a webshop:

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics GP click: Webshop > Sana Webshop Maintenance.

Step 2: In the Webshop ID field click on the Lookup button and select the necessary webshop.

Step 3: At the top of the Sana Webshop Maintenance window click Catalog Filter.

Step 4: Use the Lookup button in the Field Name column and select the necessary item field name from the list. All fields available in this list are active and they are retrieved from the Item Maintenance window. The items are filtered based on the item fields and filter criteria.

Step 5: Select the necessary method and specify the filter criteria.

See an example of the catalog filter on the screenshot below.

Webshop catalog can be filtered based on multiple item fields and filter criteria. Only items which satisfy the filter criteria set in the Catalog Filter window will be shown in the Sana web shop.