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Sana Webshop Maintenance

Configuration of a webshop in Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the steps which should be performed to establish connection between the Sana webshop and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To create and configure the Sana webshop in Microsoft Dynamics GP click: Sana Commerce > Cards > Webshop Maintenance.

If you have a multi-store solution you can create and configure as many webshops in the Sana Webshop Maintenance window as needed.

The table below provides the description of the fields in the Sana Webshop Maintenance window.

Field Description
Webshop ID Enter webshop ID. The webshop ID should be exactly the same as the one specified during installation of Sana Commerce on Web and database server and that is stored in the Sana Commerce SQL database.
Default: SanaStore
Template Customer ID Select a customer which should be used as a template customer for the Sana webshop. The template customer is a customer account which is associated with the Sana webshop. The template customer is used to index the products and to show prices and inventory to the webshop visitors who are not logged in to the webshop as a customer. If a template customer is not specified, the product indexing task will fail. This is a required field.
Payment Type Select the necessary payment type. This payment type is used during online order payment. When online payment is made, this payment type will be recorded into the sales order.
Default Currency Use this field to set up the default currency for the Sana webshop. The default currency set for the webshop is used only if multicurrency is not supported by your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.
Use Quote ID Microsoft Dynamics GP uses sales type IDs to automatically generate order and quote IDs during sales transactions. Select the sales type IDs with the appropriate configuration which will be used to generate unique identifiers for sales orders and quotes coming from the Sana webshop.
Use Order ID
Default Site ID Use these fields to define from which site the goods are delivered to the customers and the way inventory should be calculated.

For more information about how to set up inventory for the Sana webshop, see 'Inventory'.

Inventory Calculation
Projected Date Calculation
Exclude BOM Components These settings can be used to improve performance of your Sana webshop. You can disable kit components and tax percentage calculation only if these features are not needed for your webshop.

For more information, see 'Webshop Optimization'.

Exclude Tax Percent