Sana Commerce 9.1
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Data Validation Rules

Microsoft Dynamics GP administrators can manage data validation directly in GP.

Use the Data Validation Rules window to manage validation rules of the appropriate tables and related fields. This window can be used to configure validation rules which affect data retrieving. For example, you can configure validation rules which define if an item is orderable or a customer is allowed to order. Only data which satisfies the selected criteria can be processed.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP click: Sana Commerce > Cards > Data Validation Rules.

There are a few predefined data validation rules for items and customers. You can change these rules and add the rules which are necessary for data management in your system.

If you want to change the predefined data validation rules for the Items or Customers table, click on the Lookup button in the Table Technical Name field and select a table for which data validation rules should be set.

If you want to set up data validation rules for another table, you should enter its technical name in GP.

The table below provides description of the fields in the Data Validation Rules window.

Field Description
Table Technical Name The table (its technical name in GP) for which data validation rules should be set.
Enable Validation Test Use this check box to enable or disable all data validation rules for the selected table.
Field Name The field of the selected table for which data validation rule should be set. Click on the Lookup button to select the necessary table field.
Method An operator that indicates a specific data validation expression. The combination of the method and value defines the validation rule for the selected table field.
Value The available values of the selected field.
Error Text The error message of the related validation rule which is shown if some data does not pass validation.