Sana Commerce 9.1
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In Microsoft Dynamics GP inventory is calculated based on a site (warehouse). All items should be assigned at least to one site.

To manage sites in Microsoft Dynamics GP, click: Inventory > Cards > Site.

Use the Site Maintenance window to create sites and manage information about the sites in your company.

For the Sana webshop inventory is calculated based on the site which is set on the webshop level.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP click: Webshop > Sana Webshop Maintenance. In the Webshop ID field click on the Lookup button and select the webshop.

In the Warehouse section you can define from which site the goods are delivered to the customers and the way inventory should be calculated.

The table below provides description of the inventory settings.

Field Description
Default Site ID Select a site for the Sana webshop. Inventory is calculated for all items based on the site set for the webshop.
Inventory Calculation Select the method which should be used to calculate inventory. There are two inventory calculation methods:
  • Qty Available - Allocated - this method calculates how many units of an item are physically available. It takes into account how many units of the item are physically available minus quantity on sales orders (how many units of the item that are reserved for sales orders).
  • Projected Available Balance - this is the calculated available inventory. It takes into account how many units of the item are physically available plus quantity that is planned to be delivered to the site.

If you use the Projected Available Balance inventory calculation method, then you should also specify the Projected Date Calculation. Enter a date formula based on which the projected available balance will be calculated. You should use the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP date formulas.