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In the Sana webshop there are three places where a customer needs to select a country:

  • Creating a new account - when a customer registers in the Sana webshop online.
  • Create a prospect order - when a salesperson creates a prospect and places an order on behalf of a prospect customer.
  • Shipping information - when a customer enters a custom shipping address manually in the shopping cart while placing an order.

The list of counties which is shown in the Sana webshop is retrieved from Microsoft Dynamics GP. In GP you can define which countries should be available in the Sana webshop.

To manage countries in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Step 1: Click: Administration > Setup > Company > Company > Country Code.

Step 2: In the Country Code Maintenance window click on the Lookup button and select the country which you want to make available in the Sana webshop.

Step 3: At the top of the Country Code Maintenance window click: Additional > Sana Commerce.

Step 4: In the SC Country Code Entry window select the Visible in Webshop checkbox to make the country available in the Sana webshop.

By setting up visibility of countries in Microsoft Dynamics GP you can show and hide any country in the Sana webshop.
For the correct functioning of the online customer registration and to create prospects, you should also specify a customer template for each visible in webshop country. Customer templates assigned to the countries are customer records which are predefined with data which will be copied to the newly registered customers or prospects.

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