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A prepayment is an amount paid in advance by a customer to a merchant for an order.

For example, a customer orders the custom-made furniture, which will be produced according to his or her requirements, like materials, parameters, color, design and so on. In this case, a merchant can ask for a payment in advance to make sure that when the furniture is finally made, a customer will definitely buy it.


A prepayment is available for a customer only if he or she pays the order online through a payment gateway.

How prepayments are processed in Microsoft Dynamics AX

To settle a prepayment transaction for the order in Microsoft Dynamics AX, an accountant needs to create a payment journal for the customer's prepayment amount with the reference to the sales order and post it. Then, the accountant should mark the open prepayment transaction for settlement and create an invoice for the sales order. The invoice payment will be automatically settled with the prepayment transaction, meaning that the order has been paid by the customer.

When a customer pays an order in a Sana webshop online, all above mentioned steps can be automatically executed in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The accountant does not need to create and post the payment journal and mark the open prepayment transaction for settlement. He or she just needs to create an invoice and Sana will do the rest.


When a customer pays an order in the Sana webshop online, the prepayment amount always equals to the total order amount.

Once the invoice is created, a customer can see it in the Sana webshop with the "Paid" status.

If you allow your customers to pay their orders online in the webshop during checkout, Sana can automatically post payment transactions in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Set up prepayments posting

To post payment transactions automatically, in Microsoft Dynamics AX click: Webshop > Common > Webshops. Select your webshop and on the Payment processing FastTab, select the Post prepayments automatically checkbox.

To post payment transactions, Sana uses a payment journal and offset account that are selected on the Payment processing FastTab.

Field   Description 
Customer payment journal  Select the customer payment journal. The selected payment journal is used for all orders paid by the customers from the Sana webshop. Only journals of the Customer payment type are shown in this field. 
Offset company accounts  Select the legal entity where the prepayment transactions will be offset.
Offset account type  Select the account type for the offset transaction to the customer payment. This is typically the Bank account type for customer payment journal lines. 
Offset account  Select the account for the selected offset account type. 
Offset-transaction text Select a description for the offset journal entry. 
Payment method code  Select the payment method that is used for prepayment transactions.
Post prepayments automatically  Select this checkbox, if you want to post prepayment transactions automatically in Microsoft Dynamics AX, when customers pay their sales orders.

If the checkbox Post prepayments automatically is not selected, then when a customer pays the order online in the Sana webshop, an accountant should manually create a payment journal for a prepayment, post it and settle the prepayment transaction in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Business customers can also pay their outstanding invoices online from the Sana webshop. Online payments of the open invoices from the Sana webshop are seamlessly integrated with the sales order processing and accounts receivable modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX and fully automated. For more information, see "Online Invoice Payments". 


Payment journal approval


Applies to: Sana 9.3.1 and higher

All payment journals for customers' prepayments can be automatically approved by the AX user that is used for connection between Sana and Microsoft Dynamics AX. This user is specified in the ERP connection settings in Sana Admin.

To approve payment journals automatically, the AX user should be associated with the appropriate worker (user relations) and should be added to the group set on the payment journal you are using in Microsoft Dynamics AX and that is authorized to approve payment journals.

Step 1: Open the details of a payment journal set for your webshop. In the Approval section select the Active checkbox and make sure that your AX user is added to the group selected in the Approve field.

Step 2: In Microsoft Dynamics AX click: System administration > Common > Users > Users. Select the AX user you are using and click Relations. Assign the appropriate Worker to the AX user.

If the AX user is correctly set up, then all payment journals for customers' prepayments will be automatically approved by this user and you can see it on the History tab of the payment journal.

Payment method status


Applies to: Sana 9.3.1 and higher

All payment journals for customers' prepayments have a payment status in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Sana uses the payment status from the payment method set on the Webshops form.

You can see the payment status of the payment journal for a prepayment in the payment journal lines.

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