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Languages and Translations

Microsoft Dynamics AX has its own translations system. In Microsoft Dynamics AX you can add not only product descriptions in any language but much more. For example, you can enter the following data in different languages:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Product variant name
  • Item group name
  • Product category name
  • Units of measure
  • Country

Sana is a multi-lingual e-commerce solution. When you install it, the Sana web store and Sana Admin are available in English. But you can install the necessary language pack and create your web store content in any language.

If you installed some language packs for your web store, and you have some data in Microsoft Dynamics AX in the same languages, for example product names and descriptions, Sana can retrieve these translations and show this content in different languages in your web store.

To retrieve translations from Microsoft Dynamics AX, you must install the necessary web store language packs in Sana and also set up the same languages in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Set Up Languages in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics AX click: Webshop > Setup > Parameters > Languages.

Step 2: Add languages which are available in your web store and related Windows language Ids. The list of all Windows language IDs can be found here.

When your Sana web store is available in several languages and you also use translations from Microsoft Dynamics AX, you must also take into account the default language. The default language is used if there is no translation for some data in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For example, a customer is browsing the catalog in your Sana web store in the German language. He or she opens some product, but its title is in English. I this case the customer sees the English title of the product because there is no German title and the company language is English which is used as the default language.

If you use translations from Microsoft Dynamics AX for your Sana web store, make sure that all required data has all the necessary translations. Also, make sure that the language of the company in Microsoft Dynamics AX which is used for Sana is correct as Sana uses the company language as the default language in case you forgot to add some translations.

To check your company language, in Microsoft Dynamics AX click: Organization administration > Setup > Organization > Legal entities. Find the company that is used for Sana and check the language on the General FastTab.

ERP User GuideMicrosoft Dynamics AX