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Product Categories


Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

In Microsoft Dynamics AX you can assign products to the item groups and product categories that describe the nature of a product, for example electronics or clothing. Item groups unlike product categories can be only of a single level, while using product categories you can create multi-level navigation.

Item groups or product categories with the assigned products can be imported from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Sana to automatically create the main menu of the Sana webshop and catalog.

To import item groups or product categories from Microsoft Dynamics AX into Sana, log in to Sana Admin and go to: Setup > ERP integration > Item categories.

To use product categories, you should create a category hierarchy and assign products to the categories in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Then you should enable product categories and select the category hierarchy on the Webshops form. The selected hierarchy with all its categories can be imported to Sana as navigation items for your webshop.

For more information, see "ERP Integration".

Create a category hierarchy

Step 1: Click: Product information management > Setup > Categories > Category hierarchies.

Step 2: Create a category hierarchy. It can have multiple levels.

The table below provides the description of the fields required to create a category hierarchy.

Field Description
Name The name of the product category.
Visible in webshop This option allows to make the product category visible or invisible in the webshop.

If you change product category visibility, you will see the following message:

You can change visibility of all products and product variants assigned to the product category. For example, if you make some product category visible in webshop, you can also make all products and product variants that are assigned to this category also visible in webshop automatically.

If you make the product category invisible, all sub-categories will be also invisible.
Friendly name The friendly name of the product category. It can be translated to other languages using Translations.

Product category names are imported to Sana based on priority:

  1. Translations
  2. Friendly names
  3. Names


To use category hierarchy in Sana, it must be active. You can activate and deactivate the category hierarchy or any product category.


You can associate category hierarchy with a certain type. For example, if a category hierarchy is of the Procurement category hierarchy type, then you can add product attributes to the product category that can be used for products filtering in the webshop using facets and to show product specifications. It is possible to create only one product category of the Procurement category hierarchy type in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For more information about how to use product attributes in Microsoft Dynamics AX, see "Product Attributes".

Step 3: When the category hierarchy is created, you should assign products to the appropriate product categories. Open a product and on the Product tab click Product categories. In the Product categories form select a category hierarchy and a category that a product should be linked to. You can assign a single product to multiple categories, thus the same product will be shown in the webshop under different navigation items.

Step 4: When a category hierarchy is created and all products are associated with the appropriate product categories, click: Webshop > Common > Webshops.

Step 5: On the Product information management FastTab, enable product categories and select the category hierarchy.


Product categories are disabled by default and item groups are used instead. When you enable product categories, you will also need to re-index the products. In Sana Admin, click: Tools > Scheduled tasks and run the Product import task.

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