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Product Kits

Using product kits you can package individual products into one sellable unit and make them available for sale. A product kit consists of kit components and component substitutes. Kit components can be either a distinct product or a product variant. Component substitutes can be a distinct product, product master, or product variant. Different combinations of components and component substitutes that are included in a product kit are known as kit configurations. One product kit can have one or more configurations.

To create a product kit in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Step 1: Click: Retail > Common > Kits > Product kits. On the Product tab, click Product to create a product kit. Enter the necessary information and click OK.

Step 2: On the Product masters list page select the new product kit that you created in the previous step and on the Product tab, click Configure.

Step 3: On the Kit components FastTab, in the Components grid, you can add products and product variants to the product kit as its components. You can also adjust the quantity and unit of measure for each kit component that you added.

Step 4: In the Substitution grid, you can add product substitutes for selected kit components. A product substitute can be also a product or a product variant.

After you have added all the product components and component substitutes to the kit, click Approve to approve the product kit.


Once the product kit is approved you cannot change its components.

Step 5: When the product kit is created and approved, select it on the Product masters list page, and on the Product tab, click Release products.

Step 6: In the Release products window, on the Select products tab, select the kit configurations that you want to release. By default, all configurations of the product kit are selected.

Step 7: On the Select companies tab, select the legal entities to which the kit should be released, and then click OK.

Step 8: To view the released product kit and define kit pricing click: Retail > Common > Kits > Released product kits. Select the product kit that you released in the previous step and on the Product tab click Configure.

When the product kit is released, you can view the base price of each kit component and the total base price. The base price of each kit component is the price of the product.

You can specify the new price for each kit component or the price for the total kit. If you define a price for the overall kit, the new price is distributed across all the products in the kit. The price adjustment to each product is based on the percentage that each product's base price contributes to the total base price for the product kit. You can also specify whether there is an additional charge for product substitutes when the customer selects the product substitute instead of the base component. The additional cost is included when the kit price is calculated.


Make sure that all standard required fields of the released product kit are filled in. Otherwise, it will not be orderable in the Sana webshop. Validate that all required field values, for example dimension groups, are specified.

In the Sana webshop all product kit configurations are shown in the Configuration dropdown on the product details page. A customer can check all available product kit configurations and select the necessary one. By clicking View package contents a customer can see all product kit components for the selected kit configuration.

Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically generates names for each product kit configuration, but you can override them to show some nice kit configuration names in the Configuration dropdown on the product details page. In Microsoft Dynamics AX select the released product kit and under the Product tab click Product dimensions.

In the Product dimensions window you can override the name of each product kit configuration. Using Translations product kit configuration names can be also added in different languages and shown in the Sana webshop.

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