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Product Attribute Groups


Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Product attribute groups can be added only to the retail product hierarchy.

To be able to use the category hierarchy with product attribute groups it should be set up for the web shop. For more information, see "Product Categories".

If you classify products using the retail product hierarchy, then you can add product attribute groups to the product categories. Using product attribute groups you can assign multiple product attributes to a category at one time. You can also view the attributes that are included in the product attribute groups.

To create product attribute groups click: Product information management > Setup > Attributes > Attribute groups. Use this form to group product attributes. You can also set default values for the selected attributes within the product attribute group. The names of the product attribute groups and the values of the text type can be translated into different languages. If your webshop is multi-lingual, product attributes will be shown in the selected language.

To assign product attribute groups to the retail product hierarchy in Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail click: Retail > Setup > Category hierarchies > Retail product hierarchy.

Use this window to assign product attribute groups to the retail product hierarchy on the Product attribute groups FastTab.

You can add product attribute groups to the parent category and then inherit them for any subcategory. You can also add product attribute groups to each subcategory individually.

Product attribute groups added to a category will be used for all products that belong to this category.

When product attribute groups are set for the retail product hierarchy you can open Sana Admin, click: Setup > ERP Integration > Index fields and extend your webshop search capabilities with product attribute groups. You can add product attribute groups to the filter and keyword fields. In the Field name dropdown of each section you can see the fields with the [Attribute] tag that corresponds to the product and product attribute groups set in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can also use these fields for filtering of products in the webshop using facets. In Sana Admin click: Setup > Navigation & search > Facetted filters.

For information about search settings, see "Search".

Product attribute groups from Microsoft Dynamics AX can be used not only to extend your webshop search capabilities, but also for product specifications configuration in Sana Admin: Setup > Products > Product specifications. For more information, see "Product Specifications".

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