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In the Sana webshop there are a few places where a customer needs to select a country:

  • Creating a new account - when a customer registers in the Sana webshop online.
  • Guest checkout - when a webshop visitor places an order without registration.
  • Create a prospect order - when a salesperson creates a prospect and places an order on behalf of a prospect customer.
  • Shipping information - when a customer enters a custom shipping address in the shopping cart while placing an order.

The list of countries which is shown in the Sana webshop is retrieved from Microsoft Dynamics GP. In GP you can define which countries should be available in the Sana webshop.

Set up countries visibility

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, click: Sana Commerce > Country Setup. You will see the list of all countries available in Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you have several webshops each targeted at the customers in different countries, you can set up different countries for each webshop.


You can set up different countries per webshop starting from Sana 9.3.1.

For all countries that should be available in your webshop, select the Visible checkbox and the Template Customer ID. You must create customer templates with the predefined data, like currency, tax schedule, etc. for all countries that will be used in your webshop. When a customer registers online in the webshop, a guest customer creates an order, or a salesperson creates a prospective customer, the data from the customer template assigned to the country will be automatically copied to the newly created customer record in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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ERP User GuideMicrosoft Dynamics GP