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It is very important to show the right products in your webshop when it comes to the catalog. As Sana is the ERP integrated e-commerce solution, all items and item information, like title, pricing and stock is stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP and is simply used by Sana.

To create a catalog for the webshop, Sana uses items from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To manage items in Microsoft Dynamics GP click: Inventory > Cards > Item

If you have thousands of items in Microsoft Dynamics GP and you need to show or hide a lot of them in your Sana webshop, you should refer to the item visibility option.

Use the Item Maintenance window to create and manage item master data.

Only those items which are set as visible in the webshop in Microsoft Dynamics GP are indexed by Sana and shown in the Sana webshop. To manage items visibility, open the item and at the top of the Item Maintenance window click: Additional > Sana Commerce. Use the Visible in Webshop checkbox to show or hide the item in the Sana webshop.

In the Description field of the Item Maintenance window, enter the user-friendly item name as it is shown in the Sana webshop.


Since Microsoft Dynamics GP does not have an option to enter the detailed item description, thus item descriptions are managed only in Sana Admin. Using product pages in Sana Admin and HTML editor you can add nice product descriptions, format the text, apply styles, insert links and add images. Product descriptions from Sana Admin are shown on the product details pages in the Sana webshop. There is no translations system in Microsoft Dynamics GP, thus it is impossible to add item names and other item data in different languages in GP.

For more information about how to add item description in Sana Admin, see "Product Pages".

Use the Class ID field to assign the item to the appropriate item class. Item classes are used to group items that share certain characteristics, for example electronics or women's clothing. For more information, see "Item Classes".

You can also restrict the usability of the item in the webshop by using the Inactive checkbox. If the item is inactive, it is shown in the Sana webshop, but a customer cannot purchase it. Instead of the Add to cart button, a customer will see a message that an item is not available.

ERP User GuideMicrosoft Dynamics GP