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Online Customer Registration

When a customer registers in the Sana webshop online, the data from a customer template assigned to a country in Microsoft Dynamics GP is used to create a new customer. In the webshop, on the Creating a new account page, a customer enters only personal contact information, like name, address and shop account credentials.

All other data, like currency and taxes, is copied from the customer template associated with the country to the newly registered customer. Therefore, customer templates must be created and assigned to each country available in your webshop for customer registration.

When a customer registers in the Sana webshop online, a customer selects from the dropdown list the country he or she lives in. In Microsoft Dynamics GP you must set up those countries which must be shown in your webshop and assign the necessary customer templates.   

To set up countries, click: Sana Commerce > Country Setup. Make sure that for all countries that should be available in the Sana webshop the Visibility checkbox is selected and the template customer is set.

The customer template which is assigned to the country can be created in the Customer Maintenance window.

Template customers should be predefined with data, like currency and tax schedule, if customers who register online should be liable to taxes, that will be copied to the newly registered customers.

For more information about countries configuration, see "Countries".

Confirmation e-mails are the first line of official communication that a business has with customers once they have registered in a webshop. By creating an account in your webshop, your customers will receive the welcome e-mails. The New Shop Account e-mail template is used to send a welcome e-mail to a customer. For more information, see "E-mails".


A welcome e-mail is sent to a customer after registration starting from Sana 9.3.2.


Customer type

When a customer registers online, a customer record will be created in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you open the customer master data in Microsoft Dynamics GP, and at the top of the Customer Maintenance window click: Additional > Sana Commerce, you can check the customer type.

  • If the B2C Customer checkbox is selected, then this is the customer who registered online in the Sana webshop.
  • If the B2C Customer checkbox is not selected, then this is a business customer which is created directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP. A business customer can log in to the Sana webshop only if he or she has a shop account created by a shop administrator in Sana Admin.

You can change the customer type, if necessary. It might be useful if you want to allow your business customers to register online in the Sana webshop, for example. A customer record will be automatically created for this customer in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Then, the GP user can simply change the customer type from B2C to B2B.

Keep in mind that if you have a B2B webshop and you allow your business customers to register online, any webshop visitor will be able to register in your webshop. Thus, it's your responsibility to handle this.

Registration form

In Sana Admin, a shop administrator can allow and forbid customers to register online in the webshop, and change the customer registration form. Click: Setup > Customer > Registration fields.

You can set up those fields which a user must fill in to register in your webshop. For more information, see "Customer".

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