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Customer Address

For customers who register online in the webshop, the address which is entered during registration is used as a billing address and as a shipping address. In the webshop, when a B2C customer places an order, he or she can select whether to deliver an order to the same address as the billing address, or a customer can enter a custom shipping address.

A business customer, that is already present in Microsoft Dynamics GP and retrieved by Sana, can have multiple shipping addresses. All addresses of a business customer are stored and managed in Microsoft Dynamics GP. All addresses available for a business customer in Microsoft Dynamics GP are shown on the Shipping information checkout step in the Sana webshop. A customer can select the necessary shipping address from a list to which he or she wants the order to be delivered.

To manage customer addresses in Microsoft Dynamics GP click: Sales > Cards > Addresses. In the Customer Address Maintenance window enter Customer ID and fill in the fields with an appropriate address information. A customer can have more than one address, for example a billing address and multiple shipping addresses. Each customer address has an identifier.

Use the Customer Maintenance window to select the primary address of a customer. This address will be shown on the order details page in the Sana webshop as a sell-to address of a customer.

In the Bill To field select the address which will be used as a billing address of a customer.

Sell-to, bill-to and ship-to addresses of a customer are shown on the order details page in the Sana webshop.

ERP User GuideMicrosoft Dynamics GP