Retrieve Product Variant Titles from inRiver

You can create product variant titles in inRiver, import them to Sana and use them in your Sana web store.

You need to determine which field from inRiver to use as a product variant title and then create the inRiver server setting.

Step 1: Open the inRiver Item Model. In the Fields section open the field which should be considered as the product variant title field for Sana. Then you need to find the Field Type Id of this field. The value of the Field Type Id field will be used to create a server setting. In this case, the value is ItemName.

It is recommended to select the field of one of the following field types:

  • String
  • LocaleString

A field of "LocaleString" type is the most suitable, because this field type allows to translate product variant titles to multiple languages and then use them in the Sana web store.

Step 2: Go to the Settings in the inRiver Control Center. Create the SANA_VARIANT_TITLEFIELD server setting and add the value of the Field Type Id field to this setting.

The server setting should look in the following way: the key is SANA_VARIANT_TITLEFIELD and the value is ItemName.

Step 3: When the server setting is created, you need to rebuild the product index. Open Sana Admin and click: Tools > Scheduled tasks. Run Rebuild index for the Product import task. Then, refresh the site cache.

If product variant titles are created in the inRiver Enrichment Portal, then after product index is rebuilt, product variant titles from inRiver will be available in the Sana web store on all pages, besides shopping cart and product details pages.

Replace product titles

You can replace the product variant titles from the ERP system with product variant titles from inRiver in the shopping cart and on the order details pages.

Since products are shown with inRiver titles, for example, on the product details and product list pages, while in the shopping cart and on the order details pages the same products are shown with the titles retrieved from the ERP system, it can confuse a user. Thus, you can use SANA_PRODUCTTITLE_REPLACEMENT_FUNCTIONS server setting in inRiver to replace the product titles from the ERP system in the shopping cart and on the order details pages.

Go to the Settings in the inRiver Control Center and create the SANA_PRODUCTTITLE_REPLACEMENT_FUNCTIONS server setting. In the value of this setting enter CalculateBasket;SaveOrder;GetOrders.

You can also replace titles separately in the shopping cart and on the order details pages. For example, if you enter value CalculateBasket for the server setting, then only product titles in the shopping cart will be replaced.