Set up the Master Language

If you are using several languages, one of them should be considered as the "master language".  Master language will be used while transferring the catalog data from inRiver to Sana.

Master language is also used as the default language. If there are no translations for some catalog data, then the master language will be used as default for this data.

For example, there is a Product title field and there are three languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch

If we consider the English language as the master language, then the English language will be used instead of German and Dutch, in case the translations for German and Dutch do not exist.

Create a server setting

To set up the inRiver master language, you need to create a server setting.

Go to the Settings in the inRiver Control Center. Create the SANA_MASTER_LANGUAGE server setting and add the correct language culture name of the language you are going to use to the value of this setting.

For example, you want English (United States) to be used as the master (default) language. Then you need to enter en-us, which is the language cultural name for the English (United States) language, in the Value field of the SANA_MASTER_LANGUAGE server setting.