Error While Communicating with Navision

'An error occurred while communicating with Navision'

Possible reason: the additional 'connectionType' tag for a provider is not set.

If you use NAV 2009 besides configuring the 'sites' section you should add the 'connectionType' tag for a provider in the 'modules' section in which providers for each subsystem are registered. To solve this problem:

  • Open the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce Starter Site project in VS2008;
  • Locate the 'modules' configuration section;
  • Add the 'connectionType' tag with the value 'Nav2009' to providers which use the NAV 2009 WebService connection:
<add name="Navision2009StandardCatalogProvider" connectionType="Nav2009"type="Sana.Commerce.Provider.Navision.Catalog.NavisionCatalogProvider, Sana.Commerce.Provider.Navision, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=2b26dc7ce8e04e9f" description="CatalogProvider which retrieves catalogdata from Navision using NAV2009 WebService" serviceConnection="Nav2009StandardWebService"/>
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