Refreshing Cache Gives an Error

'Refreshing site cache failed. Click 'Retry' to retry refreshing site cache or click 'Cancel' to return to Home'
The error can occur with refreshing the site cache or preview functionality in the Sana Commerce backoffice.
  • Check if frontend works;
  • If frontend works without any problems then you need to check if the domain name of the default webshop in the BO 'web.config' is correct:
    • Open the 'web.config' file of the 'Sana.Commerce.BackOffice' project in Visual Studio 2008 or in any text editor;
    • Locate the 'client' configuration section under the 'system.serviceModel' node:
    • <client>
          <endpoint address="http://WEBSITEDOMAINNAME:PORT/Management/PublishWebService.asmx" binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="PublishWebServiceSoap" contract="PublishService.PublishWebServiceSoap" name="PublishWebServiceSoap" />
  • Check the correctness of the 'address' attribute ('WEBSITEDOMAINNAME:PORT' replace tag).
If a multi-site platform is used then you can enter any domain name of any website in a multi-site platform as the 'address' attribute.
More information about configuring the backoffice 'web.config' can be found in 'Configure the Connection Strings' for developer workstation installation and 'Configure the Connection Strings' for single server deployment.
When the problem is still there check if anonymous access to 'PublishWebService.asmx' web-service is allowed in IIS. In order to do this:
  • Open IIS Manager on your production server;
  • Select your project website;
  • Open the 'Management' folder;
  • Select the 'PublishWebService.asmx' file and then select it's properties;
  • On the 'File Security' tab there is the 'Authentication and access control' option available. Click the 'Edit' button;
  • By default the 'Enable anonymous access' option is disabled. You need to enable it by selecting the check box.

    Allowing Anonymous Access in IIS

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