The Prices Are 0,00 in the Webshop

After implementation of standard solution the prices are 0,00 in the webshop.

Possible reasons:

  • If you are logged in as a sales agent but not representing a customer, the unit price from the 'Item Card' will be shown;
  • If for the customer or customer group the prices are not defined then the unit prices will be used;
  • If the price is equal to 0,00 then 0,00 will be shown in the webshop;
  • If you use action prices, the stricken trough price is always the unit price in 'Item Card'.


  • Setup a unit price in 'Item Card' in NAV;
  • Setup a customer specific pricing if applicable;
  • A specific price for the template customer should be set for anonymous users to get non zero price information.

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