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Item Categories

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365 for Financials

Item categories are used in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to group items that share certain characteristics, for example electronics or women's clothing.

Item categories together with the assigned items can be imported from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Sana to automatically build the main menu of the Sana webshop and catalog.

To manage item categories in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, click: Financial Management > Inventory > Administration > Setup > Item Categories. Use this window to create and manage item categories.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can create a multilevel item category hierarchy. Use the Visible in Webshop check box to make item category visible or invisible in the Sana webshop. If you make the item category invisible, items assigned to the item category will be still visible. Only the item category becomes invisible in the webshop.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV descriptions of the item categories can be translated to different languages. If your webshop is multi-lingual, descriptions of the item categories will be shown in the selected language. Click Translations at the top of the Item Categories table to add item category description in different languages.

Item attributes can be assigned to item categories. Attributes are characteristics of an item, like color, size and style, which can be used to add product specifications, extend webshop search and to filter the catalog using facets.

Attributes added to the parent category are automatically inherited by all subcategories. You can also assign additional attributes to each subcategory individually.

Attributes added to the item category are automatically assigned to all items that belong to this category. Then, you can manage item attributes for each item individually.

For more information, see 'Item Attributes'.

On the Item Card, use the Item Category Code field under the Inventory FastTab, to assign an item to a certain item category.

Import item categories from NAV to Sana

When the catalog is ready in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and items are assigned to the appropriate item categories, you can import them to Sana to automatically build webshop navigation and catalog. To import item categories from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Sana, open Sana Admin and click: Setup > ERP integration > Item categories.

For more information about how to import item categories from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Sana, see 'Item categories'.

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