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NAV Specific


In Microsoft Dynamics NAV use Optimization to improve performance of your webshop.

To set up webshop optimization settings:

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics NAV click: Departments > Webshop > Lists > Webshops.

Step 2: Open the Webshop Card and under the Optimization FastTab you can disable bill of materials and tax percentage calculation.

If you have multiple webshops you can configure optimization settings per webshop.


Remember that you can disable any of the above mentioned features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV only if you are not going to use it. If you disable any of the features it will not be used in the webshop.

Temp. Basket Calculation

Applies to: Sana Commerce 9.1 + Sana 9.1.1 package for NAV (and higher)
If you enable the option Temp. Basket Calculation temporary tables will be used to calculate basket within one transaction. This means that the data which is used to calculate basket is not recorded into the real tables, but is stored in the memory instead. Using temporary tables allows to prevent table locking in Microsoft Dynamics NAV which happens when two or more users perform the same transaction and results in 30 % performance increase approximately. This option can be used only if there are no customizations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV which require storing the data in the real tables to calculate basket.

      Limitations: This option is not supported for LS Retail. Basket calculations which are done in combination with the LS Retail functionality require storing the data in real tables. You shouldn't enable this option if you are using Kitting in NA localization to avoid issues with basket calculation.

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