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Item Description

Item description can be added both in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Sana Admin. If item description is present in Sana Admin, it will overwrite the item description from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The difference is that the catalog manager in Sana Admin provides the HTML editor for the better text enrichment. Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports only plain text. Item description is shown on the product details page in the web store.

      Although you can add item description in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the unlimited number of characters, keep in mind that when it is shown on the product details page in the web store it is limited to 1024 characters. If you need to add product description which exceeds 1024 characters you can add it in Sana Admin. Product descriptions added to Sana Admin are not limited.

For more information about how to add product description in Sana Admin, see 'Product Pages'.

Item description can be managed from the Item Card:

Step 1: Choose the item and click: Related Information > Item > Extended Texts:

Adding an Item Description

Step 2: Set the Language Code if you want to create a language-specific description.

Step 3: Under the Lines FastTab you can add item description.

Step 4: Under the Sales FastTab select the Visible in Webshop check box to make item description visible in the webshop.

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