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Sana Commerce Setup

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV click: Departments > Webshop > Administration > Setup.

Sana Commerce Setup

Use the Sana Commerce Setup window to enable Sana Commerce functionality and logging in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, enter the Sana Commerce specific links to be used in the role center, enter the time interval when the product/customer can be updated and number of cached records, setup currency ISO codes.

The table below provides the description of the Sana Commerce parameters:

Parameters Description
Enable Sana Commerce Use this option to enable/disable Sana Commerce functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
For more information, see 'Enable Sana Commerce'.
Logging Logging in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used to save XML requests and responses from/to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web services in run-time.
By default logging is disabled as it affects performance. Therefore, it is better to use it only for debugging purposes.

Use the Enable Logging check box to enable/disable logging. The Logging Output Directory field is used to specify the path to the folder in which the log files will be stored. The user who runs the Microsoft Dynamics NAV service must have 'write' permissions on the folder which is specified in the Logging output directory field.

Specific Links Under the Specific Links FastTab you can enter the URLs to Sana Admin, Sana webshop, Sana help website and Sana YouTube channel. These links will be shown in the role centers for Sana Commerce Manager and Sana Commerce System Administrator.
Modification Modification Threshold is used to skip the LastModifedDate field of the updated product in a certain period of time (sec.). This setting can be helpful in a very specific scenario, therefore it is recommended to use it only when using batch jobs for updating products information in batches.

For example, when multiple prices are updated in the prices table for one product the LastModifiedDate field for this product is updated multiple times. This causes unnecessary database activity and logging.

To prevent this Modification Threshold can be used to update the record only if the previous value of the LastModifiedDate filed is older than specified in the Modification Threshold (Sec.) field.

Cache Here you can enter the number of records that can be cached per table.
Default: 500
Currency ISO Codes If you create any custom currency (nonstandard) it should be mapped to the ISO Currency Code. Use the Currency ISO Codes table to map the custom currency to the ISO Currency Code that is internationally recognized.
For more information, see 'Currencies'.
Roles and Permissions You can use Roles and Permissions to enhance Microsoft Dynamics NAV security by importing Sana Commerce roles, including one for each profile in RoleTailored client.

Sana Role imports the SC-SANA role with a permission set (Sana Commerce User) that gives access to all Sana Commerce objects.

Enhanced Roles add three more roles:

  • SC-MANAGER - e-Commerce Manager
  • SC-USER - All Sana Commerce Users
  • SC-SYSADMIN - e-Commerce System Administrator

Each role has its own set of permissions.

For the e-Commerce Manager and e-Commerce System Administrator you can setup a role center. Sana Commerce Manager and Sana Commerce System Administrator profiles are available if you import the roles.

When Sana Commerce roles are imported you can open the Permission Sets table and see permissions of each imported role.

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