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Units of Measure

When you place an order in the Sana Commerce webstore, you specify a quantity of product and you are able to choose a unit of measure if available.

Manage the list of units of measure

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV click: Purchase > Inventory & Costing > Administration > Setup > Units of Measure.

Units of Measure

Use the Units of Measure table to manage the list of available units of measure. Many units of measure are available by default, but you can create additional units of measure.

To add a new unit of measure create a new record and enter Code and Description of the unit of measure.

Units of measure can be translated to any language and shown in the webstore when you select a language. To add a translation, select the unit of measure and at the top click: Related Information > Unit > Translations. Here you can select a language and enter a translation for a unit of measure description.

Set up sales unit of measure

For each item you should set up sales unit of measure. This can be done on the Item Card, under the Invoicing FastTab, in the Sales Unit of Measure field. Sales unit of measure set for an item is used as the default one and is shown in the webstore regardless its visibility option.

Set up multiple units of measure for a product and their visibility

You can set up multiple units of measure for an item to control conversion between units of measure. For example, you can convert pieces into box, determining how many items are in one box. A conversion rule that is set up, for example, to convert  pieces into box also covers the conversion from box into pieces.

To set up multiple units of measure for an item at the top of the Item Card click: Related Information > Item > Units of Measure.

Item Units of Measure

Use the Item Units of Measure form to define which units of measure should be available for an item. In the Qty. per Unit of Measure field enter the number of items in the unit of measure specified in the Code field compared to the unit of measure you have entered in the Sales Unit of Measure field on the Item Card.

Each unit of measure that should be available for an item should be set to Visible in Webshop.

In the Length, Height, Width and Weight fields, you can enter precise information about the item unit of measure.

To give a customer possibility to select a unit of measure in the webstore you should also enable units of measure in Sana Admin: Setup > Products > Units of measure. For more information about units of measure settings in Sana Admin, see 'Products'.

If multiple units of measure are not set for an item in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, only the sales unit of measure set on the Item Card will be shown in the webstore.

If in Microsoft Dynamics NAV multiple units of measure are added to an item and set to Visible in Webshop, and units of measure selection is allowed in Sana Admin, then in the webstore there will be a dropdown where a customer can select with which unit of measure he/she wants to order the product.

In Sana Admin you can also configure rounding of the quantities per unit of measure that is set to Visible in Webshop in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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