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Item Variants

You can add different item variants to an item in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Item variants are used to manage products which have different variations, like size, color, style etc.

Using item variants in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can set up one item with different variants instead of setting up each variant as a separate item.

Item variants are shown on the product details page in the Sana webshop. Item variants can be presented either in the matrix or dropdown display mode, depending on the selected page layout in Sana Admin.

Matrix display mode

Dropdown display mode

Add an item variant

To add an item variant, open an item and click: Related information > Item > Variants. Use the Item Variants window to add variants to an item, which for example vary in color.

Using Translations, you can enter item variants names in different languages.

You can make item variants visible or invisible in the Sana webshop. Use the checkbox Visible in webshop to show or hide a certain item variant.

ERP User GuideMicrosoft Dynamics NAV