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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Payment Methods

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV G/L account is used to set up payment methods. G/L account can be selected from the Chart of Accounts table.
The following options should be set on the G/L Account Card: 
  • Account Type should be set to Posting 
  • Direct Posting should be selected

You can also set up VAT Posting Groups on the G/L Account Card under the Posting FastTab.

When a customer selects a payment method in a webshop, the corresponding sales line with the type G/L Account is created.

The  appropriate G/L Account should be set on the Webshop Card in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
You should also specify Payment Method Code on the Webshop Card. This code will be used during online order payment, and it will be automatically assigned to the Payment Method Code field in the sales order. 
ERP User GuideMicrosoft Dynamics NAV