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Webshop Filter

Webshop filters in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are used to filter items, customers, contacts and salespeople. This means that only those items, customers, contacts and salespeople which meet the filter criteria will be indexed by Sana and available in the Sana webshop. If webshop filters are not configured, all valid items, customers, contacts and salespeople will be available in the Sana webshop after indexing.

For example, you can set up webshop filter for items, if you want to show only the items of a certain brand in your Sana webshop. If you don't want certain customers in your ERP systems to purchase online through the Sana webshop for some reason, you can also set up webshop filter for customers.

If you don't use contacts or salespeople at all, you can also disable indexing of customers, contacts or salespeople globally in the settings of the Customer import task in Sana Admin. For more information, see 'Customer import'.

Set up webshop filters:

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics NAV click: Webshop > Lists > Webshops.

Step 2: Open the Webshop Card and at the top click Webshop Filter.

Step 3: In the Table Name field select the table to which the filter should be applied.

Step 4: In the Field Name dropdown list select the table field by which items, customers, contacts or salespeople must be filtered.

Step 5: In the Filter field enter the filter expression. The filter is applied to the selected table and table field. See example on the screenshot above.


Several filters can be applied to one field. Multiple filters applied to one field can be separated by the comma (,) character.

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