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Catalog Filter

Catalog filter can be set when you want only a subset of the catalog to be presented in the web store.

For example, if you have several web stores and you want to show only products from a certain brand in each web store you can set a catalog filter for this brand.

Product sets filter in Sana Admin and catalog filter in SAP Business One can be combined. At first the catalog filter will be applied. As a result of setting up the catalog filter, additional filters will be always applied to the subset of products.



Product sets filter: No. > C00004
Webshop catalog filter: No. C00001..C00008
The result of the subset of products will be: C00004..C00008

Catalog filter can be set up from the Web Stores window. In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Web Stores. Select the web store and on the Catalog Filter tab click on the Catalog Filter button.

Set up catalog filter

Step 1: Select the item field from the Field Name list to which the filter should be applied. It contains all valid fields from the Item Master Data window.

Step 2: Select the operator from the Filter Method list. Filter methods serve as operators for the filter expression.

Step 3: Enter the filter value in the Filter field. The filter is applied to the selected item field.

Step 4: Click Add to add the catalog filter rule to the table. You can add as many filter rules to different item fields as needed.

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