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Delete Document Drafts

When a customer adds some products to the shopping cart in the Sana web store, the document draft (sales order or sales quotation draft) is created in SAP Business One which is used to calculate all prices.

If you allow your business customers to pay their outstanding invoices directly from the Sana web store and use cash discounts, the incoming payment drafts are created to calculate the outstanding invoice amount with the cash discount.

When the order is created or the outstanding invoice is paid, the drafts are not removed from SAP Business One, which leads to accumulation of the unnecessary data.

Using the default SAP Business One functionality, you can manually delete the document drafts one by one.

In SAP Business One click: Sales - A/R > Sales Reports > Document Drafts Report.

Sana provides a feature which allows to remove document drafts from SAP Business One in a batch. Only the document drafts created by Sana can be removed.

In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Setup > Services > Delete Drafts.

Select the Document Type. Specify the date range and click Search. Select the document drafts you want to remove and click Delete Drafts. The selected document drafts created within the specified date range will be removed. The document drafts created on the current day cannot be deleted, because they can still be used.

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