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Item Prices

Item price is one of the most important factors that you have to track and manage in your web store. All prices are managed in and calculated by SAP Business One, and are used by Sana.

Set up decimal places

In the Sana web store, item prices can be shown with 2 decimal places. Many payment service providers support prices with a maximum of 2 decimal places.

In SAP Business One click: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings. On the Display tab, enter 2 as the number of decimal places for prices.

Set up item prices

In SAP Business One use Item Master Data to set up the price of an item.

In the Unit Price field enter the price of an item for which you actually sell the product to the customers. The Unit Price set in the General area of the Item Master Data is the actual price of a product if there is no customized price in the price list.

In SAP Business One you can also create different price lists for the items to set up customer specific prices or prices that are used to promote items with lower prices. SAP Business One derives item prices directly from a price list that is linked to a business partner.

To set up price lists in SAP Business One click: Inventory > Price Lists > Price Lists.

If you want to show both prices in the web store, unit price from the item master data, and price from the price list, you need to enable the option Action prices in Sana Admin: Setup > Products > Price.

If the Action prices option is disabled in Sana Admin, then only the prices from the price list will be shown in the web store. This is because when unit prices and list prices are set in SAP Business One, prices from the price list become the actual prices of the items.

To show customer specific prices to individual customers you can assign the appropriate price list to the customer. The price list can be assigned to the customer in the Business Partner Master Data window under the Payment Terms tab.

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