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Item Description

Item description can be added both in SAP Business One and in Sana Admin. If item description is present in Sana Admin, it will overwrite the item description from SAP Business One as the one from Sana Admin has higher priority. The difference is that product pages in Sana Admin provide the editor for better text enrichment. In SAP Business One you can add item description using only plain text. The core item data like title, price and visibility are all managed in SAP Business One.

For more information about how to add product description in Sana Admin, see 'Product Pages'.

Item description in SAP Business One can be added in the Item Master Data, on the Remarks tab. Using remarks, you can add a detailed description of an item, which will be shown on the product details page in the Sana web store. Item description added on the Remarks tab can be also translated to different languages and shown in the Sana web store, if it is multi-lingual.

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