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Alternative Products

Applies to: Sana Commerce 9.1.3 + Sana 9.1.1 package for AX (and higher)
In Microsoft Dynamics AX you can add alternative products. Alternative product is shown in the shopping cart and serves as a substitute when the product a customer orders is unavailable for some reason. This means that if a product is not available, for example because it is out of stock, it will be replaced by the alternative product in the shopping cart. In this case a customer will be notified by a message in the shopping cart.

To configure alternative products in Microsoft Dynamics AX click: Product information management > Common > Products > Released products. Open the necessary product and under the Sell FastTab see the Alternative product section.


The table below provides the description of the alternative product fields.

Field Description
When to use Select a schedule to specify when an alternative product should be used for the current product.

There are three options:

  • Never - no alternative product is used for the current product.
  • Always - the current product will be always replaced by an alternative product in the shopping cart.
  • Nothing in inventory - a product will be replaced by an alternative product only if the current product is out of stock. If this option is used, then Availability depends on stock should be enabled in Sana Admin: Setup > Products > Stock and assortment.
Alternative item number If you selected Nothing in inventory or Always in the When to use field, select the alternative product that should be used for the current product.
Configuration, Size, Color and Style If the selected alternative product has variants you can select a certain product variant that should be used as an alternative product.

     In Microsoft Dynamics AX you can set up a more complex scenario for alternative products. You can even add an alternative product to an alternative product. In this case, when a customer adds a product to the shopping cart which can't be ordered, and the alternative product is also unavailable for some reason, the second alternative will be used.

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