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Supplementary Items

Supplementary item is an extra item that is added to the sales order lines when a certain quantity of an item is purchased or as a bonus.

Example: A phone comes with a MicroSD memory card, included free of charge.

Supplementary items can be included either at a cost or for free.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX you need to build a relationship between the main item and supplementary item. This relationship can be set up using Supplementary sales items on the related Released product form.

To add a supplementary item open the Released product details form, switch to the Sell tab and click Supplementary sales items. Use this form to add a supplementary item and build relationship with the main item.

Supplementary Items

Here you can set what the supplementary items are and who is allowed to take advantage of the supplementary items: customer, customer group or all. And you can also set a quantity limit for inclusion of suplementary item.

Supplementary items can be included either at a cost or for free, using the Free of charge option.

If you set a supplementary item as optional, then it is not included in the sales process; therefore such item will be skipped.

Item visibility and stock checking do not have influence on supplementary items. This can be used by the webshop owner for selling some products only as supplementary and cannot be sold as a separate item.

In the webshop when a customer adds a product to the basket or a certain quantity of products that includes a supplementary item, this supplementary item is shown in the shopping basket and it cannot be removed or edited by a customer.

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