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Sales Reports

Applies to: Sana Commerce 9.1.3 + Sana 9.1.1 package for AX (and higher)

       To be able to generate sales reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) should be installed for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Check whether sales document reports are working in Microsoft Dynamics AX to make sure that it will be possible to generate reports from the Sana webshop.

Sales reports can be key in keeping the sales process and the cash flow movement.

Sana enables customers to download printable reports (PDF file) generated by Microsoft Dynamics AX directly from the webshop.

      Sales reports can be also uploaded to the file system on the Web server and downloaded by customers from the webshop. For more information, see 'Sales Reports'.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can generate reports for all types of sales documents (orders, quotations, invoices, shipments, return receipts, credit notes). Microsoft Dynamics AX uses Journals to generate sales reports.

To be able to download sales reports from the webshop you should enable this feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Click: Webshop > Webshops, and under the General FastTab select the Enable report downloads checkbox.

Reports of sales orders and quotations can be downloaded from the Sana webshop only when the order or quotation is confirmed in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the journal is created.

To confirm the sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX, open it and under the Sell tab click Confirmation.

To confirm the sales quotation in Microsoft Dynamics AX, open it and under the Quotation tab click Send quotation.

When you post shipments and invoices in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the journals are created automatically. Thus, the corresponding reports will be shown in the Sana webshop.

A sales report can be downloaded from the corresponding sales document page in the Sana webshop.

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