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Shopping Cart Suggestions

Using shopping cart suggestions you can offer your customers the products which they might be interested to buy. Customers are often loyal to a particular brand or some products which they frequently buy, thus it's a good idea to build suggestions based on the customer's shopping behavior. As all customer's sales data is stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX you can easily recommend certain products to a customer based on the customer's order history. Microsoft Dynamics AX uses specific rules to single out product suggestions for a customer.

For more information about how to enable this functionality for your web store, see 'Shopping Cart Suggestions'.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX shopping cart suggestions can be configured in the Webshops window under the Shopping cart suggestions FastTab: Webshop > Webshops.

The table below provides description of the shopping cart suggestions fields.

Field Description
Number of lookback years Enter the number of lookback years for Microsoft Dynamics AX to check the customer's order history.
Day range within which to search Enter the day range within which Microsoft Dynamics AX should check the customer's order history.
Sorting option This option determines which products based on the customer's order history should be shown as suggested.
If Counts is selected then Microsoft Dynamics AX will look for the products which were ordered by a customer most frequently.
If Revenue is selected then Microsoft Dynamics AX will return the most expensive products bought by a customer.


Current date: 02.15.2016
Sorting option: Counts
Lookback years: 2
Day range: 10

In this example Microsoft Dynamics AX will look for the most frequently bought products within last 2 years, in our case from 2014 up to 2016, and within 10 days range - 10 days before the current date and after.

Thus, the customer's order history within the time period below will be checked in Microsoft Dynamics AX and based on this information product suggestions will be shown to a customer in the webstore:

February 5 - 15, 2016, February 5 - 25, 2015, and February 5 - 25, 2014

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