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Sana Commerce Parameters

In Microsoft Dynamics AX click: Webshop > Setup > Parameters.


Use the Parameters form to enable logging in Microsoft Dynamics AX, enter the time interval when the product can be updated and configure language mapping between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sana Commerce framework.

The table below provide the description of the Sana Commerce general parameters.

Parameters Description
Logging Logging in Microsoft Dynamics AX is used to save XML requests and responses from/to Microsoft Dynamics AX Web services in run-time.

By default logging is disabled as it affects performance. Therefore, it is better to use it only for debugging purposes.

Use the Enable logging check box to enable/disable logging. The Logging output directory field is used to specify the path to the folder in which the log files will be stored. The user who runs Application Object Server (AOS) must have 'write' permissions on the folder which is specified in the Logging output directory field.

Performance Threshold is used to skip the LastModifedDate field of the updated product in a certain period of time (sec.). This setting can be helpful in a very specific scenario, therefore it is recommended to use it only when using batch jobs for updating products information in batches.

For example, when multiple prices are updated in the prices table for one product the LastModifiedDate field for this product is updated multiple times. This causes unnecessary database activity and logging.

To prevent this Update product threshold can be used to update the record only if the previous value of the LastModifiedDate filed is older than specified in the Update product threshold (sec.) field.

Regional settings Enter the default culture (language culture name) that should be used for communications between the Sana webshop and Microsoft Dynamics AX. The servers on which the Sana webshop, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Web services are installed can have different region/culture settings. This can lead to the problem for example with date format. The default culture specified in this field will be used in XML requests / responses regardless of the region/culture settings of the servers.


Language IDs in Microsoft Dynamics AX do not correspond to the Windows language IDs (Locale IDs (LCID)) which are used in the Sana Commerce framework. Language mapping must be configured to convert the language IDs used in Microsoft Dynamics AX to the Windows language IDs format.

To configure language mapping the languages which will be available in your webshop and related Windows language IDs must be added in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics AX click: Webshop > Setup > Parameters > Languages.

Languages Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Step 2: Add languages which will be available in your webshop and related Windows language Ids.

By default the Sana Commerce webshop is available only in the English language. Any other language can be installed with a language pack. For more information, see 'Supported Languages'.

The list of all Windows language IDs can be found here.

Now the language mapping between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sana Commerce framework is configured.

From the Parameters form you can see the version of the installed Sana Commerce add-on. Click About Sana to see Sana version.

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