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Product Variants IDs

When you add product images it is possible to add images to a single product and to the product variants. If you add an image to a single product, an item number is used in the product image file name. If you add an image to a product variant, an item number and a product variant ID are used in the product image file name. For more information, see 'Product Images'.

Unlike the item number, that can be seen in the Released products table, the product variant IDs cannot be seen directly in the AX table or on the form, but only in the InventDimCombination system table in the Application Object Tree. The InventDimCombination table contains variants of items. The variants are created as product variants that are based on product dimensions such as size, color, configuration and style. This means that the product variants IDs are automatically generated and stored in the system table.

If you need product variants IDs to be used in the product images file names for the product variants:

Step 1: Open the Application Object Tree (Ctrl+D).

Step 2: In AOT click: Data Dictionaries > Tables > InventDimCombination.

Step 3: Right-click on the InventDimCombination table and select Open.

The 'InventDimCombination' Table

In the InventDimCombination table, the InventDimId field stores the product variant IDs. Find the necessary product by ItemId and distinct product variant that stores dimensions combination and see the product variant ID in the InventDimId field.

The 'InventDimId' Field that Stores the Product Variants IDs

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