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In Microsoft Dynamics GP, in the Sana Webshop Maintenance window, you can set up unique identifier for all sales orders, sale quotes, customer, contact (prospect), and guest customer accounts, and also for customer addresses which are created from a Sana webshop and saved to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP click: Sana Commerce > Webshop Maintenance. See the Numbering section.

For sales orders and sales quotes you should select those sales type IDs which exist in Microsoft Dynamics GP, while for customer, contact (prospect), and guest customer accounts, and addresses you should enter the necessary codes and numbers.

If you have multiple webshops, sales type IDs for sales orders and quotes, and also codes for customers, contacts, guests and addresses can be set per webshop. This way you can easily differentiate sales orders or quotes created from the Sana webshop and those placed from other channels, real customer accounts and those which are created as guests.

If sales type IDs are not set in the Sana Webshop Maintenance window, those identifiers which are used by default in Microsoft Dynamics GP will be also used for sales orders and quotes placed from the Sana webshop.

Sales order and sales quote numbers

When a customer places an order or creates a quote from the Sana webshop, the sales order or quote is created in Microsoft Dynamics GP with the unique identifier. The order and quote IDs are automatically generated by Microsoft Dynamics GP based on the sales document setup.

The default codes for sales documents are set in the Sales Document Numbers Setup window. Click: Sales > Setup > Sales Order Processing > Numbers.

The sales document numbers configured in the Sales Document Numbers Setup window are used for sales transactions only if there is no document number set for a specific document ID.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP you can set up different IDs for orders and quotes with different characteristics or for sales orders coming from different channels, for example from a webshop, by phone or e-mail.

To set up different IDs for sales orders or quotes in Microsoft Dynamics GP, click: Sales > Setup > Sales Order Processing. In the Sales Order Processing Setup window click Sales Document Setup and select the sales document type for which you need to set up identifiers.

Use the Sales Order Setup and Sales Quote Setup windows to configure the appropriate identifiers for sales orders and quotes.

Guest checkout

Guest customers are shoppers who can place orders without registration and logging in to the webshop. For more information, see 'Guest Checkout'.

When a guest places an order from the Sana webshop, a customer will be created in Microsoft Dynamics GP with the Guest Customer type. To check the type of a customer in Microsoft Dynamics GP, open the customer master data, and at the top of the Customer Maintenance window click: Additional > Sana Commerce.

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