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Webshop Setup Validation

Use Webshop Setup Validation in Microsoft Dynamics GP to check whether the main settings required for the correct functioning of a Sana webshop are configured correctly.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, click: Sana Commerce > Webshop Setup Validation.

We recommend to validate webshop settings after you install the Sana add-on into Microsoft Dynamics GP and configure your webshop using the Sana Commerce Startup Wizard.

To validate your webshop settings, in the Webshop Name field select the webshop, and then click Validate. If you have several webshops, you can validate each webshop separately.

Field Description
Task The settings in Microsoft Dynamics GP that are validated.
Status The status of the task.
Warning Description of the settings or the warning message in case the task failed.

If you select the task and click on the Lookup button, you will open the settings that are validated by the task. For example, if the task failed, you can open the related settings and configure them properly.

ERP User GuideMicrosoft Dynamics GP