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Order Processing

Quotes and sales orders are all part of the sales process. Sana supports all Microsoft Dynamics GP sales documents. Customers can create orders and quotes as well as convert quotes into sales orders directly from a Sana webshop. A customer can convert quotes into sales orders from the quotes details page in the Sana webshop which can be accessed from the quotes history.

The ordering flow should be configured in Sana Admin and in Microsoft Dynamics GP. For more information on how to configure ordering settings in Sana Admin, see "Order Processing" and "Ordering & Checkout".


Currently, Sana for Microsoft Dynamics GP does not support the quote to order conversion type With checkout, but only Unattended.

To configure the ordering settings in Microsoft Dynamics GP, click: Sana Commerce > Webshop Maintenance.

The table below provides description of the order processing settings in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Field Description
Document Type Select the order type. It can be an order or a quote. The selected document type defines the final sales document which will be created in Microsoft Dynamics GP when the order is placed from the Sana webshop.
Quote Promotable by Default Use this option to allow or deny conversion of a quote into a sales order without approval.

If this option is enabled and the ordering process uses quotes which can be converted to sales orders, a customer can create a quote and convert it to a sales order directly from the Sana webshop. For such quotes the Quote Promotable checkbox is automatically selected in the Sales Header Companion window.

If this option is disabled a customer can convert a quote to a sales order only when it is approved. When the quote is created from the Sana webshop, it should be checked by the sales manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP. After this, it can be approved by selecting the Quote Promotable checkbox in the Sales Header Companion window. When the quote is checked and approved, the customer can convert it into the sales order in the Sana webshop.

For more information, see "Sales Order Data".
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