One of the key elements of the online shopping experience is the checkout process. The checkout represents a fully customizable path that the customers need to go through to purchase products offered in your web store. It guides customers through several steps, like shipping information, delivery and payment methods, and order review.

The checkout is often the most complicated part of placing an order online and it is the most critical area of a web store. Thus, an optimized and easy to use checkout process is vital to achieving successful sales on an online store.

Sana supports two checkout scenarios - multistep and one step, so you can go with the one which suits better the needs of your business.

You can control which type of checkout should be used in the web store form Sana Admin. In Sana Admin, click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering.

Use the option "One step checkout" to enable or disable one step checkout for different types of customers.

One Step Checkout


Applies to: Sana Commerce 9.2.1 and higher

If the option "One step checkout" is enabled, all checkout steps will be shown on a single page.

The aim of the one step checkout, as opposed to the multistep checkout, is to get the customer through the checkout process as simply and quickly as possible and, as a result, to reduce customer abandonment and to increase online sales conversion. Customers can see all checkout information right away and can fill in or edit any step without going back and forth, which makes online ordering as simple as possible.

One step checkout supports all ordering features, like shipping information, delivery and payment methods, order overview, guest checkout, creation of different sales document types (quotes and orders), quote to order conversion. It is fully responsive and perfectly works on all types of mobile devices.

You can also add any text to the top and the bottom of the one step checkout page using the In-site Editor. This might be useful, if you want to inform your customers about delivery and payment methods available in your web store, for example. By default, the demo texts are used. Thus, you must change them. You can also delete these texts using the In-site Editor, in case you do not need them.

Multistep Checkout

If the option "One step checkout" is disabled, all checkout steps will be shown separately.

Multistep checkout might be beneficial to those customers, especially business customers, who usually create more complex and very large orders.