Return Orders


Currently, this feature is not supported by the Sana web store integrated with SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

A good return policy is something that customers consider when making an online purchase. A study conducted by different companies shows that 91 - 93% of consumers will buy something again, if a web store provides a good return policy.

Sana delivers an easy and personalized return experience to build trust relationship between shop owners and their customers. The return process is completely automated and integrated with the sales order processing in the ERP system.

To enable or disable return orders for different customer types, log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering.

Sana provides two ways of creating an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization):

  • Sales document based - A customer can create a return order based on invoice, by selecting the order lines from the invoice to return. In this case a return order can be created only when the order has been posted in the ERP system and the invoice has been created. A customer can create a return order from the Posted invoice detail page in a Sana web store.

  •  NOTE

    In Sana 9.2.0 this option is available only to business customers and sales agents, as invoices are not available to consumers. Starting from Sana 9.2.1 any customer type can create a return order based on invoice.

  • Sales document free - A customer can create a return order which is not connected to any sales document from the My return orders page, by adding a product to the return order. Such return orders should be checked and processed manually by a sales manager. This option is available to all customers.

For a customer, requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) in Sana is really straightforward. All he or she has to do is:

  • Choose one or several products and define quantity to return. If a customer creates a return order from invoice, he or she cannot return more than it was purchased.
  • Select a return reason. The list of return reasons is retrieved from the ERP system. This is a required field.
  • Optionally enter comments and attach files, for example a photo or a copy of a receipt, to provide shop admin with more details.

When the return order is created by a customer, it is saved to the ERP system. The logic of creating return orders might be different in various ERP systems. Therefore, depending on the ERP system your Sana web store is connected to, there could be slight differences in creating a return order from a Sana web store.

For more information about return orders in different ERP systems, see:

Return order comments

A customer can enter a general comment for a return order and for each sales line. The general comment for a return order is limited to 2000 characters. Return order line comments are limited to 900 characters. All comments are stored in the return order in the ERP system. When the return order is created, comments are also shown on the return order details page in the order history.

File attachments

A customer can attach images, audio, video and PDF files to the return order. Several files can be attached. To attach several files, all required files should be selected and added simultaneously. The total maximum size of file attachments is 12 megabytes. The length of a file name must not exceed 40 characters. When the return order is created, files attached to the return order are also shown on the return order details page in the order history.

File attachment types and extensions, as well as file size and file name limits can be changed in the 'Web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend.

Files attached to a return order are stored in the file system on the Web server. They can be found on the Web server or shop administrator can also view file attachments directly from Sana Admin using File manager. In File manager all files attached to the return orders can be found at the following location: Documents > Sales document attachments > Return order. Each folder inside the 'Return order' folder corresponds to a specific return order by its ID.

In the ERP system a link to the file attached by a customer is stored. If an ERP system supports document managements, a user in ERP can also attach files to the return order which will be shown to a customer on the return order details page.

Return order e-mails

When the return order is created by a customer, he or she receives a return order confirmation e-mail. At the same time, the e-mail that the return order has been created is sent to web store administrator.

Log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > Basics > Store information. In the RMA notifications addresses field enter the e-mail address to which e-mails about created return orders should be sent. These are the e-mails which are sent to the web store administrator.

To send return order e-mails to a customer and web store administrator, two e-mail templates are used:

E-mail template Description
Return order confirmation Return order confirmation e-mail which is sent to a customer.
New return order request Return order notification which is sent to a web store administrator.

To check e-mail templates which are used for return orders, log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > E-mails.