Online Invoice Payments

Merchants can accept online payments on open invoices directly from a Sana web store. Business customers can pay multiple outstanding invoices at the same time from a Sana web store. Online payments of the open invoices from a Sana web store are seamlessly integrated with the sales order processing and cash management modules of the ERP system. Paying invoices online saves time and decreases the likelihood of human error by your account payable representatives. This allows to accept credit card payments and have the transactions follow through with the orders to your ERP system.

There are two options on how business customers can pay their orders online:

  • A business customer can pay the order while placing it. In this case the payment journal is not created in the ERP system and an accountant should handle this manually.

  • A business customer can pay one or multiple open invoices. In this case online order payments for business customers should be set to 'on account', and when a business customer pays the invoice, the payment journal will be automatically created in the ERP system. There is also an option to create payment journals in ERP manually, if there is a necessity.

If you want Sana to create payment journals automatically in your ERP system, the payment account should be set for a web store in ERP.

For more information about payment journals in different ERP systems, see:

Log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering. See the option "Online invoice payments" for B2B customers. Using this option, you can disable online invoice payments, allow to pay invoices online, either with automatic payment journal creation in the ERP system or manual. There might be the case that you do not want payment journals to be created automatically in your ERP system by Sana, for example if you use some other approach in creating payment journals.


If you allow your business customers to pay their invoices online from a Sana web store, then the option "Online order payments" for B2B customers must be set to "Full amount paid on account". This will disable online payments for sales orders not to pay twice, for the sales order and its invoice.

A business customer can pay several invoices at the same time from the invoice history in a Sana web store. Any invoice can be also paid separately from the "Posted invoice detail" page.

When a business customer pays the invoice, its status will be changed.

Icon Status Description

Payment is in progress This status is shown until an accountant posts the payment journal in the ERP system.

Already paid When the payment journal is posted in ERP, the invoice payment status will be changed to "Already paid".

Document is overdue An invoice can have a due date in the ERP system. If the invoice is not paid within the due date, it will expire, meaning that a customer will not be able to pay this invoice.

Invoice payment e-mails

When the invoice is paid by a customer, he or she receives the invoice payment confirmation e-mail. At the same time, the e-mail that a certain customer has paid one or several outstanding invoices is sent to web store administrator.

Log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > Basics > Store information. In the "Invoice payment notifications addresses" field enter the e-mail address to which e-mails about paid invoices should be sent. These are the e-mails which are sent to the web store administrator.

To send invoice payment e-mails to a customer and web store administrator, three e-mail templates are used:

E-mail template Description
Invoice payment confirmation Invoice payment confirmation e-mail which is sent to a customer.
Invoice payment confirmation for shop managers Invoice payment notification which is sent to a web store administrator.
Invoice payment partial success This e-mail is sent to a web store administrator, if something has gone wrong with invoice payment. For example, payment transaction has failed, or a customer paid the invoice from a Sana web store, but the payment journal was not created in the ERP system due to the wrong setup of the payment account in ERP. Such situations should be manually checked and handled by a web store administrator.

To check e-mail templates which are used for invoice payments, log in to Sana Admin and click: Setup > E-mails.

In the invoice payment e-mails, which are sent to a web store administrator, there is a link which can be used to check the invoice payment details from Sana Admin. Clicking on this link will open the invoice payment page in Sana Admin.

From this page a web store administrator can also mark the invoice as unpaid. In this case, the invoice payment will be changed back from "in progress" to "not paid" in the Sana web store. The invoice payment can be canceled by a web store administrator until there is no payment record in the payment journal in ERP for this invoice. This might be useful if payment transaction failed and money was not transferred to the required account for some reason, for example. You can mark the invoice as unpaid only if you are sure that the payment transaction failed and you did not receive money.