Shopping Cart Suggestions


Currently, this feature is not supported by the Sana web store integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Use shopping cart suggestions to offer your customers the products which they might be interested to buy. Customers are often loyal to a particular brand or some products which they frequently buy, thus it's a good idea to build suggestions based on the customer's shopping behavior. As all customer's sales data is stored in the ERP system you can easily recommend certain products to a customer based on the customer's order history. The ERP system uses specific rules to single out product suggestions for a customer.

Set up shopping cart suggestions

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Ordering. Enable the Shopping cart suggestions option.

When the Shopping cart suggestions option is enabled then customers will see the product suggestions  button at the top of the webstore and the Get product suggestions button in the shopping cart.

Step 2: Create a product list page or a flexi-page with the product set content element. Assign the 'Suggested products' product set to this page. This is a dummy product set which already exists in Sana. It is used to show suggested products from the ERP system to a customer.


If you use a product list page with a dummy product set 'Suggested products', facetted filters will not be shown on a page.


If you use a flexi-page and assign a product set as a content element, you can define the maximum number of products to be shown on a page as suggested. By default it is set to 12. This is done because the flexi-page unlike the product list page does not have paging. If a lot of products will be retrieved from the ERP system and shown as suggested to a customer, this may influence webstore performance.

Step 3: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Web pages > Shopping cart suggestions. Select the page which you created in the previous step. Clicking on the product suggestions button in the webstore opens this page. Product suggestions are retrieved from the ERP system, based on the customer's order history within a certain period set in ERP, and are shown to the customer.


You can also use the product set with the predefined products and assign it to the page instead of the dummy product set 'Suggested products'. In this case all customers will see the products from this product set as suggested, but not the products based on the customer's order history from the ERP system. If you use a product list page with a real product set containing predefined products, facetted filters will be shown on a page.

In the ERP system you can esily change the algorithm of how to get product suggestions: