Order History [Sana 9.2.1]


Applies to: Sana Commerce 9.2.1 and higher
See also: Order History [Sana 9.2.0]

ERP systems have a variety of sales documents which are used in sales order processing. Sana being the ERP integrated e-commerce solution stores customers' orders in the ERP system. Customers can access their accounts online using a Sana web store for a complete overview of their order history, including invoices and shipments. A customer can check his or her order history from the My account page, search for a specific sales document by its number and filter by date.

As a web store administrator, you can decide which sales documents must be available to your customers. You can show and hide different sales documents for each customer type. For example, you might want to show invoices to your business customers, but not to consumers. If your ERP system does not support some sales document type, you can simply disable it in Sana.

To manage sales documents visibility, in Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Order overview.

Sales agents can also see different sales documents and their details just like customers. When a sales agent does not represent any business customer, he or she can see all orders placed on behalf of all assigned customers. When a sales agent represents a customer, only sales orders placed on behalf of this customer are shown.

Sana Commerce delivers support of different shop account roles and authorization procedure to meet your individual business requirements and convert the manual process of orders approval into fast and efficient automated process.

Those customers who are set as authorizers, meaning that they can approve and decline orders placed by other sub-accounts, have additional order history page, called Authorization history.

On the Authorization history page, the authorizers can see all approved, declined and pending orders placed by the associated sub-accounts. From this page an authorizer can see how many orders still need to be approved, and approve or decline pending orders.

For more information about authorization procedure, see "Shop Account Roles".