Sana Commerce offers a wide range of features that can help you build marketing strategies to increase order totals and revenue.

In Sana Admin click: Setup > Marketing.


The table below provides the description of the settings that can be setup under the Promotions tab:

Settings Description
Discount codes

Use this setting to enable/disable discount codes.

Offering discounts is a vital marketing strategy. Discount codes can be generated for a fixed amount and for a percentage discount.

To create discount codes in Sana Admin click: Promotions > Discount codes.

For more information, see 'Discount Codes'.

Newsletter subscriptions

Use this setting to enable/disable newsletter subscriptions.

Newsletter subscriptions is a great way to establish relationship with your customers. You can use newsletters to keep your customers updated about some special events and other webstore news.

To view/export newsletter subscriptions in Sana Admin, click: Customers > Newsletter subscriptions.

For more information, see 'Newsletter Subscriptions'.

Social features

The tables below provide the description of the settings that can be setup under the Social features tab:

Settings Description 
Tell a friend

Use this setting to enable/disable the Tell a friend feature.

This feature allows a customer to send an e-mail to a friend to share the product the customer is interested in. You can share the product with your friend using the Tell a friend feature from the product page in the webstore.

The massage of the Tell a friend e-mail uses the Check out this product e-mail template. For more information about e-mail templates, see 'E-mails'.

Ratings & Reviews

Use this setting to enable/disable ratings & reviews.

Ratings & Reviews allow customers to easily submit reviews of the products in the webstore. Product reviews are comments submitted by customers or webstore visitors directly on the product page.

To manage ratings & reviews in Sana Admin click: Customers > Ratings & Reviews.

For more information, see 'Ratings & Reviews'.

Social sharing

Sana Commerce uses AddThis, the world's largest content sharing and social insights platform, which allows webstore users to share a product with friends using social networks. AddThis supports all major sharing buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

This table provides the description of the Social sharing settings:

Setting Description
Social sharing Use this setting to enable/disable social sharing. Social sharing control is shown in the webstore on the product details pages, under the product image by default:

In the default AddThis HTML the following buttons are available:

  • Facebook Like button
  • Twitter Tweet button
  • Share
AddThis ID Your AddThis ID. This ID is required if you want AddThis to gather statistics and track analytics for your webstore.
Configure custom HTML Use this field for custom AddThis HTML to add any sharing and social buttons.
You can just copy the code from the AddThis web site, and in the code, change the position of the social sharing control on the product details page.

If AddThis is enabled and the custom HTML is empty, then the default AddThis HTML will be used.


The table below provides the description of the settings that can be setup under the Individualization tab:

Settings Description
Wish list Use this setting to enable/disable the Wish list feature.

This feature allows customers to save products for purchase at a later date. The products can be added to the wish list from the product page in the webstore.

    The ability to add products to the wish list depends on the selected product details page layout. For more information, see "Page Layouts".

A sales agent should represent a customer to be able to add products to the wish list.

To access a wish list in the webstore hover over the user icon at the top right corner and click Wish list. From the wish list page a customer can either delete products or add to the basket.

Last viewed products Use this setting to enable/disable the Last viewed products feature.

Last viewed products can be seen in the webstore at the bottom of the product and product list pages.

The list of the last viewed products is cleared each time the web browser is closed.


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tag management tool developed by Google. Through this web tool you can deploy and manage various marketing and analytics tags on a website which are used to track and gather all kind of statistics from your website.

Google Tag Manager allows to easily manage your online business, saving your time and bringing more profits.

For the detailed information, see 'Google Tag Manager'.