There are different e-mail templates which are used in Sana for system e-mails, like order confirmation and forgot password.
To manage the content of the e-mail templates open Sana Admin and click: Setup > E-mails.
The content of the e-mail templates is multi-lingual. You can select one of the available languages (installed with the language pack) and edit the content of the e-mail template. You can sort the e-mail templates by subject or template identifier.
Subject Template Identifier
[SHOPNAME] - Check out this product TellaFriend
[SHOPNAME] ERP connection available, maintenance mode deactivated ERPConnectionAvailable
[SHOPNAME] ERP connection not available, maintenance mode activated ERPConnectionUnavailable
Contact us form ContactUs
Forgot password ForgotPassword
Forgot password ForgotPasswordAdmin
Invoice payment confirmation InvoicePaymentConfirmation
Invoice payment confirmation InvoicePaymentConfirmationForShopManagers
Invoice payment partial success InvoicePaymentRegistrationFailedForShopManagers
New return order request ReturnOrderAdminNotification
Order Approved OrderAuthorizationApproved
Order Authorization Request OrderAuthorizationRequest
Order Confirmation GuestOrderConfirmation
Order Confirmation OrderConfirmation
Order Confirmation OrderPayment
Order Confirmation UnprocessedOrderConfirmation
Order Declined OrderAuthorizationDeclined
Payment Confirmation PaymentConfirmation
Quote Confirmation QuoteConfirmation
Quote Confirmation UnprocessedQuoteConfirmation
Reminder mail OrderAuthorizationReminderMail
Return order confirmation ReturnOrderConfirmation
Set account password NewSubAccountSetPassword
Your password has been changed ChangePassword
Replacement tags are used in the e-mail templates. They can be recognized by the brackets in the text. These tags are automatically replaced by the external values when the e-mail is sent. Do not change or translate the replacement tags.
The table below provides the list of all replacement tags which are used in the e-mail templates.
Name Description
NAME The name of a customer in the Sana Commerce webstore.
SHOPNAME The webstore name.

Only the SHOPNAME variable can be used in the e-mail template subject.
SHOPEMAIL The webstore e-mail address.
SHOPPHONE The webstore phone number.
URL The link to reset the shop account password.
USERNAME The name of the webstore customer.
USERMAIL The e-mail of the webstore customer.
COMPANYNAME The company name.
EMAILADDRESS The e-mail of the company.
PHONE The phone of the message sender.
COMMENTS The comments of the message sender.
WEBSITEDOMAIN The link to the webstore.  You can find the additional information about website domains in the end of this article.
ORDERADDRESS The billing and shipping addresses of the sales order.
ORDERNUMBER The sales order ID.
ORDERDETAILS The sales order details.
ADDITIONAL_ORDER_INFORMATION The reference number, comments and the requested delivery date of the sales order.
PRODUCTTITLE The product title. It consists of two variables: the PRODUCTTITLE itself and the PRODUCTURL.

Separate variables are visible only in the HTML view.
PRODUCTURL The direct link to the target product.

This variable is only visible in the HTML view and is the part of the 'PRODUCTTITLE' variable.
MESSAGE The message that added by a customer in the webstore.
PAYMENT_SHIPPING_INFORMATION Order shipping and payment information.
SUBACCOUNT_NAME The name of a subaccount in the Sana Commerce webstore.
ORDERAUTHORIZER The name of an authorizer in the Sana Commerce webstore.
ORDERAUTHORIZERS The names of authorizers in the Sana Commerce webstore.
AUTHORIZATION_FEEDBACIK The comment of an authorizer explaining why the order was declined.
Adding webstore URL to the e-mail template
It is possible to create links to the webstore in the e-mail template. To do this, just place the link to the page without specifying the domain name. Place [WEBSITEDOMAIN] variable instead of it, thus Sana Admin will take the webstore domain of your production environment and will add it to the link automatically. For example, if you want to create the direct link to the home page of your webstore add the following line to the e-mail template text: [WEBSITEDOMAIN]/home. 

The webstore information which is used in the e-mails sent from the Sana webstore (store name, store phone number, store e-mail address) can be changed in Sana Admin: Setup > Basics > Store information.